Capture the Town’s Classic Colonial Vibe

Cuba is famously a country frozen in time—something both frustrating and alluring—and nowhere is the time warp more evident than in Trinidad. The bright Spanish colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and numerous horse-carts make a stroll through town akin to walking onto a 1850s movie set. Plaza Mayor, flanked by the golden-hued church Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad, is the place to point your camera lens back through history.

Seek Out a Rooftop View


A quick jaunt up a hill on the eastern side of Trinidad leads to the Vista Gourmet, a multi-level restaurant with a stunning view from its rooftop bar. This is one of the best places in the city to see just what surrounds this UNESCO World Heritage town: the looming Escambray mountains 11 miles away and Playa Ancon, a white sand beach about seven-and-a-half miles south. Sunsets here are even finer with a mojito at hand.

Find the Music

Trinidad music

Don’t worry if it’s not Saturday night. In Trinidad—and pretty much in all Cuban cities—live music is happening on or around every corner. Stop by the small plaza midway up the stairs next to the Iglesia Parroquial off Plaza Mayor for the nightly salsa show, or simply take a seat on any bench and wait for a guitarist (or three) to wander past. The town’s Casa de la Trova, just east of Plaza Mayor, is the traditional spot to catch Cuban bands from 10 p.m. on, daily. Carry spare bills to tip the musicians, who are usually excellent.

Spend the Night in a Casa Particular

Trinidad Casa Particular

In a town chock-full of colonial-style mansions decked out with antique rocking chairs, vintage chandeliers, and sunny courtyards, it’s an especially smart plan to stay in a casa particular (private bed-and-breakfast) while in Trinidad. These homestays are one of the few ways the Cuban government allows families to earn additional income; there are hundreds within the city and the going rate is $20 to $35 per night. This cheerful courtyard is Hostal Lili at 108 Juan Manuel Marquez Street.